Tired of the same old stuff to do around Atlanta? Then, it’s time you try an escape room. New to the whole escape game experience? We have everything you’re looking for- fun, adventure and challenges! Get the kids off the couch and into our escape games. Book online today. Pick an escape room that interests you most and challenge yourself to one of the most exciting new things around Atlanta.


Initially becoming popular in Europe, escape games have been around for years, but only for a few in this country. The idea is simple. You pick an escape room with a specific theme that interests you and your group goes in after some brief instructions. For the next 45 minutes, your group looks for clues and tries to solve all the puzzles in order to escape the room. That’s it in a nutshell. But, 45 minutes can fly by. The pressure of the clock means you have to work fast and efficiently. Is your group up for the task? There’s only one way to find out!


After the bouncy houses, laser tag, etc., what else is there fun to do for a birthday party? Our escape rooms are perfect for any special occasion. Since all of our escape games need a group of around 6-8, that’s a great size for a party or any special occasion.

Our Escape Games

Cabin (40% ESCAPE)

Best For 6-8 players

Biohazard (30% ESCAPE)

Best For 6-8 players

Prison (45% ESCAPE)

Best For 6 Players (Max)

Vegas (50% ESCAPE)

Best For 8-10 Players

The Best Team Building Activities In Atlanta

What does it take for your team to be successful at work? As it so happens, the same characteristics that a team needs to make it happen in the workplace are the exact same things that help you escape an escape room. If you think about it, you need the following characteristics to be successful in an escape game: Problem Solving
  • Good Communication
  • Situational Awareness
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Leadership Skills
  • Working Under Pressure (and a deadline!)
This is a short list of ways escape rooms are the best team building activities in Atlanta. Great for any type of team or group- sales, sports or otherwise, bring your group in and watch how everyone works together (or doesn’t!). The next time you need a team building idea, call Amazing Escape.

Escape Rooms: Experience The Fun!

If you haven’t tried our escape rooms, you are completely missing out!
Some of our players say we have the best escape games in Atlanta. Come see for yourself!

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