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Resident Evil Celebrates
20 Years Of Horror

June 10, 2019


If you’re looking for something new and elaborate fun things to do, look no more. Amazing Escape in Atlanta is the newest trend in entertainment. Join us and be trapped in the latest, fun and most intriguing escape rooms that we have to offer. Escape games like us are popping up everywhere around town. Be part of this extremely fun craze, but be aware, that to become free there are a few pointers you should know before you venture into this brave new world. While it’s all about the fun and games, it’s always helpful to have some inside knowledge and be on top of your game. Here are just some tips and tricks that will help you become the most successful and smart-looking person among your friends while playing escape rooms.


Our escape rooms can be daunting at first, as you will mostly be distracted by many of the beautiful scenery and red herrings that our escape rooms have to offer. Just remember you only have 45 minutes to solve all our mind-boggling puzzle obstacles in order to escape the room. So first your group should assign a leader who will take charge and manage all the clues and activities everyone has to do. It is recommended that the leader assign each person a designated area of the room and look for clues. For little children along in the room with you, just let them roam and let them have fun as each room is beautifully crafted and pleasing to the eye, your children will have fun for hours and you search to escape.


When playing with friends, more than often people do random stuff on their own and get clues hidden or messed up and ruin the puzzle for everyone. Make sure to have a clear communication and call out all the clues that you find so that your group can analyze it and solve the entire puzzle faster. Avoid arguing! Arguing about clues and how to interpret them, just waste a lot of time, a tip is just let everyone see the clue and interpret them on their own. Any huge breakthrough should always be shared and remember everyone is not perfect. Individual clue interpretation can be right and wrong, discerning which one’s which is your job to do in order to escape as fast as possible.


When you first started playing our escape game, there’s a tendency for everyone to want to do everything all at once. It’s a good idea to divide up parts of the rooms into zones to look for clues. If there are enough people, two people should be assigned to the same zone so that no clues get missed and everyone could rotate zones every five minutes so that clues are interpreted by everyone to help with solving the entire puzzle.


When time is closing near, groups start to panic and this is detrimental to the group’s progress. Especially in enclosed rooms, everyone just wants to get out and be free of the trapped that they are in. Don’t be discouraged, many people think solving the room is all that there is to the escape rooms. The journey of collecting clues and the fun of putting them together like Sherlock Holmes is the funniest and most memorable event people have made while playing our escape rooms. Always be calm and cool when faced with many variables and clues, and remember to always ask questions and help to your fellow teammates so that everyone is on the same page


Red Herrings are clues that are designed to be misleading and waste your time on a goose chase for nothing. You may encounter many red herrings in forms of common everyday objects. Examples such as books on a shelve, paintings hanging slightly on the side, random pencils on the ground, the design on the plates, and many other things are just placed there to waste your time. Don’t always sweat on every little detail and always try to think about the entire puzzle and how it all works out. Knowing which clues to pick up is the key to successfully escaping and impressing your group of friends.


Solving our escape rooms is no easy task. It will take everyone wits and organized teamwork in order to successfully escape our rooms. Going in with like-minded people will probably improve teamwork in some areas but when there’s a roadblock that one faces, everyone else faces it as well. It’s nice to get a group of people from various backgrounds in order to have different views on clues and on the puzzle. This will help the group progress overall as when one is stuck at a puzzle, a different perspective on it could be the key to solving the entire puzzle room.


Many items and clues can be found everywhere on the room that is why being organized are just one of the ways to keep track of it all. It’s always a good idea to keep similar clues together and discard the ones that you’ve already used. Neatness and organization will help your group maintain a steady pace at solving puzzles and will overall always save time. Click here for more information about our virtual escape room in Atlanta.

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